A small business with big dreams of sustainability πŸŒπŸ’š

We thought it was about time you heard more about our brand and our story.
We want to share our dreams with you too.

We are a small brand, just newborns, that started designing and producing our first collection in 2020. A year in which it seemed not the best option to start a swimwear brand. No one is travelling? Right?

Nevertheless, we followed our dreams, dreams to provide you with an option of beautiful and stylish swimwear that can still be 100% sustainable and ethically made.

By doing so, we helped to create jobs on the island of Bali. An island that is currently going through its worst economical crisis since 90% of its economy is based on tourism.
The people working in our production receive free medical insurance for themselves, their partner and up to three children plus are paid well above the minimum wage. We proud ourselves to be contributing to the economy in Bali.

We have chosen ECONYLⓇ as our fabric supplier. our swimwear is 100% made from recycled plastic from the ocean (mainly fishnets) that is then turned into nylon.
The quality of the fabric is world-class and the feel of the fabric on your skin is soft and smooth. The way the fabric holds your body is always flattering.Β 

And just a bit about us. We are a brand owned and operated by women. Proud to be women empowering women. Kelapa Wear is designed, produced and created from scratch for women by women.

We are a family, not a business. And you are part of it! Thank you for being part of our Kelapa fam! We love you beautiful, powerful woman!!

Dani. 😘



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