A letter to mother Earth 🍃🌏

Dear Mother Earth,

It has been a while since I last acknowledged your role as a mother too. With mother’s day coming soon and everyone compulsively buying gifts for their mothers I thought about you.

How does all this affect you? Is this something that would make you proud? We need to show our appreciation and love to our mothers, I understand. But what about you? Are you not our mother as well? How can I show my love and appreciation to both of you?

I am sorry for how we humans have acted in the last century, we have built and destroyed as if the Earth belonged to us.
We have purchased and disposed of as if the resources were unlimited. We have produced and devastated as if there was no tomorrow, which I’m sure, one day there won’t be.

How can we put an end to it? Society pressures us to buy, to consume, to use, to build, to upgrade; it’s not us, sometimes we feel like we MUST. How can we cope with this consumer role?

Here’s how: simply by being more conscious of our choices. Putting thought into what we buy and why we buy.

Consumers have so much power when it comes to changing production practices and standards. All we need to do is opt for the better option.

Investigate a brand before you buy. Make sure they’re not doing animal testing, landfill pollution, ocean or river pollution. Make sure their products are as sustainable as possible.

Dump plastic! There are so many better options these days. Dump fast fashion! I know, I know, fast fashion is extremely cheap, but have you ever stopped to wonder if you pay so little, how much is the person who made this getting paid?

Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries of them all. And not only polluting but with zero ethical standards. Choose a brand that hires minorities, that hires women that pays them accordingly and that has ethical working conditions.

Choose brands that support charities, that speak up to injustice, that want to see a change in the world.

Choose brands that produce long-lasting products; things that you can keep for years and won’t need to replace soon and dump into the garbage.

Choose brands that are sustainably made. That produce zero or less waste than normal brands. That use waste and turn it into a product.

When we all start choosing this type of brands, polluting brands will run out of business and will stop polluting our home.

Make the change! There’s nothing wrong with shopping and consuming, not when you’re doing it correctly.

Dear Mother Earth, I am sorry for the years of destruction and consumerism, but I promise you, better times are ahead. We are all changing, and the more people who choose sustainability, the faster this change will come

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